5 Amazing Stock Market Simulator Games Perfect For Training

Stock market simulator
Credit: RawPixel.com / Pxhere

You shouldn’t just jump into the stock market. If you’re on the fence, why not test yourself on one of the many stock market simulator games available on the net, iOS, and Android?

The pros of using a stock market simulator game:

  • All the functions of the stock market, none of the risk.
  • If taken seriously, an apps real world stocks, virtual budgets, and pro-instruments can become the ultimate stock trainer.
  • Most stock market simulators are 100% free.

The cons of using a stock market simulator game:

  • Gains in a simulator don’t reflect the fees you’ll encounter when trading.
  • Unless you’re taking it seriously as a pre-cursor to investing, a stock simulation game won’t prepare you for trading.
  • Doing well in a trading simulator can sometimes give investors a care-free attitude to real investing.

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Here’s our top 5 stock market simulator games:

1. Wall Street Survivor

  • Put the comical product trailer to one side and know that this stock market app is a top-tier simulator.
  • Uses real-world stock price tracking, a virtual pot of cash, and is playable in most web browsers.
  • Includes tips, glossaries, and courses, each free or purchasable via virtual currency earned.
  • Compete against other investors in established leagues or create your own and invite your own investor buddies.
  • Watch the best investors playing and see what they’re trading for extra insight.

2. Best Brokers: Stock Simulator – iOS / Android

  • Best Brokers includes a variety of stock markets to invest in and even a specific section for cryptocurrencies.
  • It includes a news feed, activity feed from other investors, a friends list, and a direct messaging feature.
  • Other features include a series of stock trainer videos, and an FAQ covering high-level investment information.
  • If you’re looking for a casual feeling app, Best Brokers has a user-friendly interface that’s perfect for beginners.

3. Stock Trainer: Virtual Trading – Android only

  • If you can get past the aesthetics, Stock Trainer: Virtual Trading is one of the best apps for learning.
  • You can pick different regions and markets, so you’re not locked to the New York Stock Exchange or Nasdaq.
  • Despite the aesthetic issues, it is mostly user-friendly, and amazing stock insights are always just a tap away.
  • One of the best features is how the app combines stock news with stock value, and the opportunity to buy with virtual currency in one screen.
  • This stock market simulator includes everything a budding investor needs. From top movers, suggested stocks, and portfolio overviews.

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4. BoneApps: Stock Exchange Game – Android only

  • BoneApps is the one app on this list that’s more game than a virtual stock market simulator.
  • Instead of just reflecting values, BoneApps simulates world events, impacting stock value, and giving great insight into how the market might react based on real scenarios.
  • One way you could use the app is by putting your real-world stock picks to the test. Can they survive the apps scenarios and fluctuations? Are they strategically sound?
  • Some of the other gamified features include a leveling system. Plus no registration is needed.

5. Investing Game: Forex 4 Beginners – iOS / Android

  • This app offers the stock market, Forex market, and cryptocurrency simulation.
  • Forex stands for the ‘Foreign Exchange Market” and is the global market for trading currencies. The market allows traders to gamble for and against currency value comparisons.
  • This Forex 4 Beginners simulation offers a super-minimal interface and a step-by-step guide that covers everything you need to know. Without being wordy or over-complicated.
  • The app uses real-world market information in its simulation and continuously offers tips about how to buy, sell, and manage assets.

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