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Whether its the Dow, the NASDAQ, the S&P 500, or the commodities market, Michael Lee guides you through the news of the day.

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Our Five-Star Reviews

stock market podcast review

“Michael Lee’s knowledge is excellent, Opening Bell delivers the stock market news I need without any of the nonsense you normally get on podcasts.”

Drake Huffnagl

stock market podcast review

“Hey, Mr. Lee, why don’t you do a few of these podcasts a day. I might be able to pick a few good stocks then. All insight. No fluff. Love it. Just do more.”

Travis McGuire

stock market podcast review

“Who would think a seven-minute podcast could be so insightful? I’ve spent years suffering through all the trash. Just give me the news. That’s all you get with this podcast. The news.”

Lenard Thomas-Weeks