5 Stocks To Watch: August 10, 2020

5 Stocks To Watch: August 10, 2020
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August 10, 2020: Our number two pick on Friday’s stocks to watch was Groupon, Inc. (GRPN). It was an obvious choice after it rocketed 33.7-percent in after-hours trading. By the closing bell on Friday, GRPN had risen by a total of 56.7-percent, from $16.45 to $25.77.

The only stock that could top GRPN on Friday, in terms of percentage increase was Conduent Incorporated (CNDT). The business process experts saw a massive 82.7-percent jump in stock value after second-quarter results came in above the estimate. They reported revenue of $1.02-billion, $92.75-million over the estimate. And earnings per share $0.12 each, $0.17 over the estimate.

Our other picks from Friday:

  • T-Mobile U.S., Inc. (TMUS): After a better-than-expected second-quarter report, TMUS climbed 6.5-percent. From $108.10 to $115.09.
  • DISH Network Corporation (DISH): On Friday, DISH announced a better-than-expected second-quarter report and despite early trading, DISH closed at a value similar to what it started at ($34.16).
  • Uber Technologies, Inc. (UBER): Our top-five pick out who we think will be moving, up or down. We picked UBER as one of the stocks to watch because of their announcement that driver bookings had declined 35-percent year-over-year for Q2. By end of trading Friday, UBER dipped 5.2-percent. From $34.71 to $32.90.
  • Booking Holdings, Inc. (BKNG): A better-than-expected Q2 report helped BKNG stock value climb during after-hours trading. From $1,751.79 to $1,820. However, by the closing bell on Friday, the stock value was back at $1,754.48.

Here’s a fresh five stocks to watch come this new week of trading.

Today’s #1 Stocks To Watch: Twitter, Inc. (TWTR) – $37.14

According to the Wall Street Journal, Twitter, Inc. (TWTR) are in discussions with TikTok over a merger. Despite Microsoft being in pole position for the acquisition, investors are watching the market for a reaction.

Currently, TWTR shares have dipped 0.1-percent during after-hours trading, and news sentiment is 65-percent positive, 15-percent off bullish. With the acquisition/merger in mind, Twitter, Inc. (TWTR) could be one of our stocks to watch for a while.

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Roper Technologies, Inc. (ROP) – $440.33

Roper Technologies, Inc. (ROP) has had a busy few weeks. On July 28, they announced better-than-expected second-quarter results, and today, August 10, it has been reported they’re in talks to acquire Vertafore for close to $5.5 billion.

In March 2020, most stocks dropped due to the lockdown, including Roper Technologies, Inc. February 9, ROP was $392.73. By March 15, it was $238.15. Since that point ROP has been on an upward trend, Surpassing it’s February value in May.

During after-hours trading on Friday, ROP value increased 0.9-percent, and news sentiment is currently 76.32-percent positive, less than 4-percent off bullish. All of this makes Roper Technologies, Inc. one of our top stocks to watch today.

Duke Energy Corporation (DUK) – $86.57

Duke Energy Corporation (DUK) will report its second-quarter earnings before the bell. Estimates expect revenue at $5.85-billion and earnings per share of $1.03 each. In comparison, Q1 revenue was $5.95-billion and EPS was $1.14 each. Both were below estimate, $391-million, and $0.05 respectively.

During after-hours trading, DUK climbed 0.8-percent. From $86.57 to $87.26. It also has a 74-percent positive news sentiment. Duke Energy Corporation makes our top-five stocks to watch today because we’re expecting movement.

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Marriott International, Inc. (MAR) – $93.78

Another company to report before the bell today is Marriott International, Inc. (MAR). Estimates expect revenue of $1.68-billion and earnings per share at a loss of $0.42 each. In comparison, Q1 revenue was $4.68-billion and EPS was at $0.26 each.

During after-hours trading, MAR dropped 0.7-percent. From $93.78 to $93.10. Plus, news sentiment is only 58-percent positive, and stock performance since the March lockdown crash, shows MAR struggling to climb. This is why it’s on our top-five stocks to watch today. We’re waiting to see what happens after the Q2 report.

Occidental Petroleum Corporation (OXY) – $15.45

Last but not least on our top-five stocks to watch today is Occidental Petroleum Corporation (OXY). They’re to report second-quarter earnings after the closing bell and are expected to report revenue of $3.88-billion, and earnings per share at a loss of $1.68 each. For comparison, Q1 revenue was $6.45-billion and EPS was at a loss of $0.52 each.

In February, before the lockdown OXY stock was valued at $42.12. Since mid-March, the trend has seen OXY value between $10.36 and $20.79. During after-hours trading, OXY climbed 0.1-percent, and with news sentiment 67.3-percent positive, OXY makes it on to our top-five because we want to know if it’ll break trends.

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