TikTok Rich List: 5 Top Earners And How They Compare To Stars On Instagram

TikTok Rich List
Credit: Nattanan / Pixabay

If the Oracle Corporation (ORCL) entered your investor’s gaze because it won the bid for TikTok’s U.S. operations, then you’ll be doing your due diligence on what drives the platform. One word — influencers. Believe it or not, there’s already a TikTok rich list.

  • What is an influencer? If you’re not social media savvy, an influencer is someone who has a lot of followers, and whose posts can “influence” significant audience attention.
  • Best way to think of an influencer? Think of an influencer like a TV channel. People tune in and are delivered ads, product placements, and general telemarketing style blurbs.
  • What is the limit of an influencer? If an influencer is popular enough, they can become a mainstream celebrity and international brand.

What’s most surprising is how much money these influencers make. Check out the TikTok rich list below.

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The Top 5 Earners On TikTok According To Forbes

The Top Earning U.S. Instagram Celebrities

For comparison to the TikTok rich list, we thought we’d add how much it would cost to get someone on the Instagram rich list to post for your brand.

  1. Dwayne Johnson – 187-million followers, and it would cost $1,015,000 to have the actor post for your brand.
  2. Kylie Jenner – 181-million followers, and it would cost $986,000 for a post.
  3. Kim Kardashian – 175-million followers and it would cost $858,000 for a post.
  4. Ariana Grande – 191-million followers, $853,000 per post.
  5. Selena Gomez – 180-million followers, $848,000 per post.
  6. Beyonce Knowles – 147-million followers, $770,000 per post.
  7. Justin Bieber – 139-million followers, $747,000 per post.
  8. Taylor Swift – 135-million followers, $722,000 per post.
  9. Jennifer Lopez – 124-million followers, $663,000 per post.
  10. Nicki Minaj – 116-million followers, $625,000 per post.

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Social Media Stock Conclusion

As an investor, you look at the data and the weight of the company and ask, “does it have a track record of success?”

Yet, is that the right question when it comes to social media? There’s two considerations:

  • If asking about Facebook, Twitter, and other majors, they’re now ingrained into all aspects of society and it would take a dramatic governmental stance to change that at this point. So doing due diligence on track record makes sense.
  • However, for new companies, like TikTok was back in 2016, the track record is less relevant. What’s more relevant is “what are influencers doing?”

So when approaching your due diligence on new and upcoming social media platforms, also ask:

  • How successful are its influencers?
  • And how many influencers from other social media platforms are heading to it?

And always remember, every investment has risk. Only invest what you can afford to lose.